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Traditionally, it was thought you couldn’t save a diseased tooth. Thanks to advances in dentistry, we can possibly help you keep your tooth at our Spruce Grove clinic. If the dental pulp within the tooth is diseased, we can remove the diseased tissue, clean the inside of your tooth and then seal it with a crown. The treatment is completed in one to three visits and your now healthy tooth should remain healthy as long as you practice good oral hygiene. Because root canal therapy becomes more difficult the longer a tooth is diseased, it’s important to visit us for regular check-ups.

What is a Root Canal?

Endodontic therapy is a sequence of treatment for the pulp of a tooth which results in the elimination of infection and protection of the decontaminated tooth from future microbial invasion, which is commonly referred to as a "root canal."

Types of Root Canal Therapies

Sometimes we will perform remove the infected pulp of the tooth and applyi a temporary filling in a procedure called a pulpectomy. Another option is to remove just the coronal portion of the dental pulp, which contains 90 per cent of the nerve tissue, and leave intact the pulp in the canals in a procedure called a pulpotomy. The two procedures eliminate most pain until the follow-up visit for finishing the root canal. But if the pain returns, it means any of three things: 

  • The patient is biting into the tooth
  • There is still a significant amount of sensitive nerve material left in the tooth
  • There is still more pus building up inside and around the infected tooth

The second appointment involves removing the rest of the nerve tissue (if any) and sealing the canal system with inert gutta-percha (similar to rubber). Some irritation of the ligaments around the tooth can happen and can cause post root canal pain even though there are no nerves left.

Ibuprofen is commonly used before and/or after these procedures to reduce inflammation. After receiving a root canal, the tooth will usually be protected with a crown that covers the cusps of the tooth. Otherwise the tooth will almost certainly fracture over time since root canals remove tooth structure and undermine the tooth's structural integrity. Also, root canal teeth tend to be more brittle than other ones. This is because the blood supply to the tooth, which nourishes and hydrates the tooth structure, is removed, leaving the tooth without a source of moisture replenishment. Placement of a crown or cusp-protecting cast gold covering is recommended because these have the best ability to seal the root canalled tooth.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about root canal therapy.

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